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Legislation is becoming more and more elaborate, commercial exchange has grown to a global scale, the mobility of populations and companies is on the rise, all of which complicates judicial reports. Societies and citizens are subject to sophisticated systems of treaties and laws that they often fail to understand, which can engender serious consequences for companies, leaders and workers.

Approximately a billion individuals in the world are concerned by the legislative acts of the European Commission, the EU Parliament, the ECJ (The European Court of Justice), and the ECHR (The European Court of Human Rights). In reality, all of the service providers, and the economic players, which manufacture, sell, import or export within or outside of the EU, are directly subject to the binding and little known European legislation.

The issue of environmental protection is at the heart of major debates at the moment. Since it determines the survival of species and future generations, it has become crucial to consider it before undertaking any industrial processes or development projects.